We are pleased to bring you inside our production studio. The following photos were taken during production of BROWNIE POLICEMAN - From the Palmer Cox series.

(Photo above) Each face is artfully hand painted in several steps

(Photo above) The helmets are sewn of felt and broadcloth

(Photo above) After construction, each hat is trimmed with leather

(Photo above) The felt chevron stripes are precisely topstitched on

(Photo above) The back of the coat is ironed before attaching

(Photo above) The Policeman's topcoat is sewn together

(Photo above) Just one of the many ironing steps along the way

(Photo above) A wood block is used to shape the helmets

(Photo above) The hat is blocked with a hot iron

(Photo above) The custom-made brass helmet decorations

(Photo above) The leather strap is added to the wooden billy club

(Photo above) A group of completed helmets and billy clubs

(Photo above) The brass buckles are added to the leather belts

(Photo above) Tiny brass buttons are sewn on with a curved needle

(Photo above) A tray of Policemen await their helmets

(Photo above) Completed Policemen ready for boxing

(Photo above) The Brownie Policemen await their turn

(Photo above) Each doll is beautifully packaged with matching certificate

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