We are pleased to bring you inside our production studio. The following photos were taken during during production of Little Bo-Peep and Jack & Jill - from the Mother Goose series of costumed mice:

(Photo above) After jointing, the mouse arms are stuffed and sewn closed by hand

(Photo above) The heads and bodies are hand stuffed with natural kapok

(Photo above) Preliminary molding in the custom press assures uniformity

(Photo above) The resin hands and feet are wired

(Photo above) The glass eyes are inserted by hand

(Photo above) Each mouse receives its hands, feet, and leather tail

(Photo above) Little Bo-Peep's tiny frock is sewn together

(Photo above) Several ironing steps are required along the way

(Photo above) The delicate silk ruffles are gathered for Bo-Peep's dress

(Photo above) The fine wood and pewter shepardess crooks are handcrafted

(Photo above) Each Bo-Peep receives her numbered back tag

(Photo above) A group of Little Bo-Peep's receive their shepardess crooks

(Photo above) The pocket flaps are sewn to Jack's smock

(Photo above) The drape of the fabric is carefully arranged and steamed in place

(Photo above) Jill's bonnet is sewn together from natural straw braid

(Photo above) Jack's felt hat is molded in the heated press

(Photo above) The tiny wooden buckets are painted by hand

(Photo above) Jill's dainty dress is sewn together

(Photo above) Constant ironing steps are required

(Photo above) The silk ribbons are applied to the bonnets

(Photo above) At last Jill is ready to be dressed

(Photo above) The straw bonnets are put on the mice and the bows tied

(Photo above) Each Jill receives the numbered back tag

(Photo above) Jack & Jill are boxed together with their wooden pail

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