We are pleased to bring you inside our production studio. The following photos were taken during production of MAX & MORITZ.

(Photo above) Max's molded felt character face is meticulously hand painted

(Photo above) The jointed felt bodies grouped inside a large willow work basket

(Photo above) completed Moritz heads await jointing to the bodies

(Photo above) After sewing, the leather shoe upper is formed on a metal last

(Photo above) The formed upper is removed and ready for trimming

(Photo above) The custom-made metal cleats await attachment to the wooden soles

(Photo above) The various ingredients which make up Moritz's authentic clogs

(Photo above) The miniature clogs are based exactly on antique full-sized originals

(Photo above) The plaid pattern for Moritz's trousers is precisely sewn

(Photo above) A fully-lined jacket is prepared for turning rightside-out

(Photo above) A group of dolls get their heads attached

(Photo above) Fitting the shoes is the final aspect of the dressing process

(Photo above) The dolls' outfits are carefully airbrushed for added realism

(Photo above) Final touch-up on Max's mohair wig

(Photo above) The dolls are posed standing prior to boxing

(Photo above) The rascally duo get ready to spread mischief!

(Photo above) Max & Moritz - together forever

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