We are pleased to bring you inside our production studio. The following photos were taken during production of The Japanese Children - from the Around the World series.

(Photo above) A tray of pre-molded heads await stuffing and further finishing

(Photo above) Special attention is given to the ears

(Photo above) Meiko's play suit is skillfully sewn

(Photo above) The shirt is prepared for the layette

(Photo above) Hand embroidery on Midori's kimono sleeves

(Photo above) Tiny felt blossoms are added to the design

(Photo above) The authentic silk kimono is sewn together

(Photo above) The body of Midori's kimono is also skillfully embroidered

(Photo above) The wood parts for the Japanese sandals are handmade

(Photo above) After printing, the cloth kite parts are hand cut

(Photo above) Akira receives his completed fish kite

(Photo above) The wigs are styled and the dolls are dressed

(Photo above) Midori's authentic kimono sash is carefully arranged

(Photo above) The wood & leather toy rattle is added to Meiko's hand

(Photo above) A tray of completed Japanese babies

(Photo above) Akira lined up and ready for boxing

(Photo above) Midori is carefully placed in her presentation box

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