We are pleased to bring you inside our production studio. The following photos were taken during production of the INDIAN BROWNIE.

(Photo above) Tiny felt buttons for the Indian Brownie are airbrushed

(Photo above) Hand sewing on the Indian Brownie's moccassins

(Photo above) A tray of completed Indian Brownie's moccassins

(Photo above) Airbrushed felt buttons and feathers await the finishing team

(Photo above) The Indian's intricate costume is carefully detailed

(Photo above) The Indian Brownie's custom-made tomahawk is assembled

(Photo above) A group of completed wood and metal tomahawks

(Photo above) All the components come together at dressing

(Photo above) A tray of completed Brownies await boxing

(Photo above) Each Brownie is nestled inside its presentation box

(Photo above) The Indians look apprehensive about their fate!

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