We are pleased to bring you inside our production studio. The following photos were taken during production of the HAZEL-NUT FAIRY™.

(Photo above) The Hazel-nut Fairy's™ distinctive hat is blocked and artistically painted

(Photo above) After wigging, the hat is carefully positioned on the head

(Photo above) Each leaf is individually cut, wired, molded, and hand painted

(Photo above) Molded leaves alongside those that have been painted

(Photo above) A closer look at the realistically detailed felt leaves

(Photo above) The felt hazel-nuts are gathered and blocked using a wooden form

(Photo above) The felt nuts are backed with leaves made of bonded silk & organdy

(Photo above) The catkins are made of mohair plush and hand painted

(Photo above) A group of catkins alongside a prototype base

(Photo above) The stems and leaves of the hazel-nuts are assembled

(Photo above) A work table with finished dolls alongside various hazel-nut parts

(Photo above) A group of hazel-nut wood bases have the bottom felt applied

(Photo above) The fairies glance through branches at the world

(Photo above) The Hazel-nut Fairies™ line up for final inspection

(Photo above) Each is carefully placed inside its presentation box

(Photo above) The Hazel-nut Fairies™ - boxed and ready to ship!

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