We are pleased to bring you inside our production studio. The following photos were taken during production of the HEATHER FAIRY™.

(Photo above) The Heather Fairy's costume is sewn of custom-dyed cotton gauze

(Photo above) The delicate wings are made of fine silk organza

(Photo above) Styling the hand-knotted mohair wig

(Photo above) Sewing the costumes by hand after dressing

(Photo above) Dressed dolls are lined up alongside the molded felt torsos

(Photo above) Several painting steps are required to achieve the desired effect on the fairy wings

(Photo above) The fairies have their wings attached ready for flight

(Photo above) Making the tiny heather blossoms out of felt

(Photo above) Each individual blossom is meticulously hand colored

(Photo above) The stems are artistically wrapped together

(Photo above) The completed felt heather looks almost real!

(Photo above) A trio of Heather Fairies alight on the shipping table

(Photo above) The fairies are put inside their presentation boxes

(Photo above) Soon each fairy will have a new home

(Photo above) The Heather Fairy™ becomes part of RJW history

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