We are pleased to bring you inside our production studio. The following photos were taken during the production of Grandfather from the Heidi Collection:

(Photo above) Grandfather's face is completely hand painted

(Photo above) Finished heads ready for assembly

(Photo above) Grandfather's body is realistically molded

(Photo above) The unique jointing system allows many poses

(Photo above) Leather parts are dyed and decoratively embossed

(Photo above) The felt hats are blocked and finished

(Photo above) Grandfather's shoes are hand-cobbled out of leather

(Photo above) Ready for his coat and hat

(Photo above) The felt coats are fully lined and include pewter buttons

(Photo above) Dressing is a tedious task

(Photo above) A group of dolls await boxing

(Photo above) Each doll is boxed along with his pipe and wooden bench

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