We are pleased to bring you inside our production studio. The following photos were taken during production of the GONDOLIER and CONTADINA.

(Photo above) "The Gondolier's" natural straw hat is sewn together

(Photo above) The blocked hats get their silk ribbons

(Photo above) The tiny striped shirts are sewn

(Photo above) The miniature wooden oars are made by hand

(Photo above) Each mouse has a felt moustache!

(Photo above) The I.D. tag is sewn to each Gondolier

(Photo above) After molding, the mice are cleaned and ironed

(Photo above) The resin arms and legs are inserted

(Photo above) The pleated Val lace is sewn to the skirts

(Photo above) Tiny silk bows are attached to the skirts

(Photo above) Contadina is literally sewn into her costume

(Photo above) Dressed mice await their accessories

(Photo above) Tiny cording is added to the hat brims

(Photo above) Contadina's hat is positioned over one ear

(Photo above) Her delightful red slippers are the finishing touch

(Photo above) A tray of Contadinas await boxing

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