We are pleased to bring you inside our production studio. The following photos were taken during production of George & Martha - Washington Waltz:

(Photo above) The molded felt doll parts lined with buckram

(Photo above) Each face is meticulously hand painted

(Photo above) Skillful airbrushing provides added depth

(Photo above) Martha's all-silk petticoat is sewn and topstitched

(Photo above) The skirt is lined and gathered

(Photo above) Many ironing steps are required

(Photo above) George's coat is constructed of custom-made striped fabric

(Photo above) Martha's outfit also features custom-designed silk fabrics

(Photo above) Mohair is sewn into fringe for the wigs

(Photo above) Martha's wig is carefully styled

(Photo above) George's period wig is hand styled

(Photo above) The colonial-style wig is smoothed in place

(Photo above) A tray of mob caps await their ribbons

(Photo above) Brass buttons are sewn to George's waistcoat

(Photo above) The seams on George's hat are ironed flat

(Photo above) A tray of completed hats

(Photo above) The buttons are sewn to the leather shoes

(Photo above) Silk rosettes are added to George's slippers

(Photo above) Dressing begins on Martha

(Photo above) The quilted silk underskirt is slipped in place

(Photo above) Next is the striped silk bodice and overskirt

(Photo above) Tiny silk bows adorn the front

(Photo above) Meanwhile, George gets ready for the ball

(Photo above) Trays of dolls in process

(Photo above) Emily admires handsome George!

(Photo above) George receives his finishing touches

(Photo above) Prior to packaging, each piece is carefully inspected

(Photo above) A sequentially-numbered tag is sewn to each doll

(Photo above) Georges receive their number assignation

(Photo above) Each piece is placed in the deluxe box with accompanying certificate

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