We are pleased to bring you inside our production studio. The following photos were taken during production of DOROTHY from the WIZARD OF OZ Series.

(Photo above) Dorothy's portrait face is molded out of all-wool felt

(Photo above) The body parts (legs shown here) are sewn together

(Photo above) The felt is wrapped around molded buckram torsos

(Photo above) After covering with felt, the torsos are molded again

(Photo above) The legs receive their airbrushed coloration

(Photo above) The hands are carefully finished using a mini ironing tool

(Photo above) Dorothy's eyes are artistically hand painted

(Photo above) The mouth is painted in several stages completely by hand

(Photo above) Styling the hand-knotted wigs of custom-dyed mohair

(Photo above) A tray of completed Dorothy heads

(Photo above) The mini-sequin fabric for the Ruby Slippers is sewn to leather

(Photo above) Each heel foundation is molded of a composition material

(Photo above) The metal shoe lasts and ingredients for Dorothy's Ruby Slippers

(Photo above) After sewing, the shoe uppers are prepared for forming

(Photo above) The slippers are formed and the heels applied

(Photo above) The leather sole is neatly positioned in place

(Photo above) A tray of completed Ruby Slippers!

(Photo above) The many pieces of Dorothy's dress are precisley cut

(Photo above) Dorothy's ruffled slip is sewn

(Photo above) After sewing, the seams are ironed flat

(Photo above) The blouse is sewn of Italian organdy with miniature ric-rac trim

(Photo above) The buttons are sewn onto the completed dresses

(Photo above) A group of Dorothy's await their new owners!

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