We are pleased to bring you inside our production studio. The following photos were taken during production of items for "Springtime Frolics" - the first R. John Wright Convention.

(Photo above) Felt corsages for the Apple Blossoms in Vermont luncheon

(Photo above) Hand assembling each of the intricate bouquets

(Photo above) Trays of completed apple blossoms and daffodils

(Photo above) The daffodil napkin rings are artfully finished

(Photo above) The Daffy Down Dilly mouse is costumed in silk

(Photo above) Her pretty silk gown has tiny pearl buttons & tiny silk bows

(Photo above) All dressed for town with their straw bonnets tied on

(Photo above) A felt stamin is carefully inserted into an organdy daffodil

(Photo above) The completed flowers will make beautiful table centerpieces

(Photo above) These felt sweet peas will be used in other table centerpieces

(Photo above) Turning the incredibly tiny fingers of the souvenir doll

(Photo above) The fingers & arms are hand stuffed with kapok

(Photo above) Each leather shoe upper is carefully dyed by hand

(Photo above) Mohair is wound on tiny wood dowels for processing

(Photo above) Rebecca, the souvenir doll, awaits her bonnet & shawl

(Photo above) The completed souvenir dolls are carefully boxed

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