We are pleased to bring you inside our production studio. The following photos were taken during production of the CANADIAN BROWNIE.

(Photo above) The Canadian's felt mukluk trousers are sewn together

(Photo above) The mocassin soles are gathered and attached

(Photo above) The tiny arms and hands are precision sewn

(Photo above) Each hand is carefully turned inside out

(Photo above) The felt strips are woven by hand into the coat collar

(Photo above) Finishing work is done on the pieced felt sashes

(Photo above) The tassles are constructed and sewn onto the felt hats

(Photo above) Separate tiny felt mittens are turned inside out

(Photo above) A curved needle is used to close the toboggan coat

(Photo above) The pieced felt sash is sewn in place

(Photo above) The tiny handmade felt buttons are positioned on the coat

(Photo above) A group of dolls get their final painted blush

(Photo above) The wool mittens are put onto the hands

(Photo above) The hats are carefully positioned

(Photo above) A work table with a group of finished dolls

(Photo above) Boxing begins for the Canadian Brownies

(Photo above) The Brownies await their new owners!

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