We are pleased to bring you inside our production studio. The following photos were taken during during production of Billy Boy Blue from the Mother Goose Collection:

(Photo above) Well before production began, Billy Boy Blue's horn was sculpted in fine modeler's wax

(Photo above) The resin feet and hands are attached to the mice

(Photo above) Delicate airbrushed coloration is applied

(Photo above) The mouse's features are hand embroidered

(Photo above) A tray of sleepy mice await dressing!

(Photo above) The little smock is pulled over his head

(Photo above) Workers can't resist smiling as they dress the mice!

(Photo above) Tiny custom-made buttons are sewn on the back

(Photo above) The pewter horns are carefully airbrushed

(Photo above) Hand painted details are added

(Photo above) The horns receive their hanging cords

(Photo above) The straw hats are positioned over the ears

(Photo above) A tray of mice with smocks and hats

(Photo above) A special tool is used to twist the hatbands

(Photo above) The hatband is added to the straw hat

(Photo above) The mice and hats come together

(Photo above) Each mouse receives his handcrafted shepard crook

(Photo above) A tray of completed mice await boxing

(Photo above) Each Billy Boy Blue is boxed with his haystack!

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