We are pleased to bring you inside our production studio. The following photos were taken during production of BABY GRACE - From the Victorian Children series.

(Photo above) Baby Grace's silk and felt bonnet is precisely sewn

(Photo above) Wooden ball joints are inserted in each leg

(Photo above) After molding, each limb is cleaned and finished

(Photo above) A tray of wigged and painted Baby Grace heads

(Photo above) The molded arms are attached to the torsos

(Photo above) The coat sleeves are turned inside out

(Photo above) Each bonnet is gathered in the back by hand

(Photo above) Materials for the Victorian wood push sleigh

(Photo above) Various parts of the complex sleigh production

(Photo above) The braces for the bottom of the sleigh are rounded

(Photo above) The contours of each brace are sanded

(Photo above) The sides of the sleigh are precisely cut

(Photo above) The curved dashboards of Baby Grace's winter pram

(Photo above) The felt cushion for the sleigh seat is sewn

(Photo above) Each cushion is filled and sewn closed by hand

(Photo above) The sleigh blanket is sewn of cotton plaid and alpaca plush

(Photo above) The shoes are skillfully formed of custom-made leather

(Photo above) Each shoe receives its tiny leather sole and heel

(Photo above) Baby Grace is carefully dressed for winter

(Photo above) Don't forget your red leather shoes!

(Photo above) Baby Grace looks cosy in her handsome sleigh

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