The development of each R.JOHN WRIGHT design starts with a desire to see a human or animal character brought to life in the warm and tactile medium of wool felt or plush. At the R. John Wright design studio in Bennington, Vermont, extensive research of original source material lays the groundwork for the design. The character is sketched in the round in the desired scale. These drawings are used for reference against a preliminary clay sculpture. Once the contours have been established, the clay sculpture is reproduced in hard modeler's wax for final detailed finishing. The wax model is used for the fabrication of multi-part metal molds guaranteeing the accuracy and consistency of each piece in the edition.

Clothing and accessories are designed specifically for each character and made to exacting standards using the finest traditional materials - many of which are custom-made. The all-wool felt used for the dolls and clothing, is custom-dyed and specially treated to be both mothproof and colorfast. The leather for the hand cobbled shoes is top grade calfskin custom made to a precise thickness. The mohair used for the wigs and many of the plush fabrics are also custom-dyed for each project.

Every doll or animal character is produced in a strictly numbered limited edition and beautifully packaged with an accompanying signed and numbered certificate. Since 1987, every R. JOHN WRIGHT creation features a tiny "RJW" brass button permanently affixed as a lasting guarantee of authenticity.