Goldilocks & The Three Bears

Goldilocks Collection

We are pleased to present a very special collection based on one of the all-time favorite childhood stories - Goldilocks & the Three Bears - the tale of a little girl renowned for her golden locks . . .

While on an errand for her Mother one day, Goldilocks strayed far into the woods and discovered a well-appointed cottage with no one home. Out of curiosity, she entered and spied three bowls of porridge set out on the table. She tasted each and finding the smallest bowl's contents just right, she quickly gulped it down. She then tried out the three chairs and settled on the smallest breaking the seat through! Feeling sleepy, she ventured upstairs where she sampled the three beds. The smallest was so comfortable, she soon fell fast asleep.
The occupants of the cottage, a family of three bears named Papa Bear, Mama Bear and Baby Bear, returned to discover that someone had been in their home! Baby Bear was most distressed to find his porridge eaten, his chair broken, and after searching upstairs, a small girl asleep in his bed! Awakening with a start to see the Three Bears standing around her bed, Goldilocks bounded out of the cottage and ran safely home.

Goldilocks & the Three Bears from R. John Wright was specially commissioned by Puffin Publishers in the U.K. for an exciting photo storybook by award-winning author Lauren Child. The doll and bears were carefully designed to be posed inside a fully-furnished custom-made cottage created by stage designer Emily Jenkins. The photographs, by acclaimed photographer Polly Borland, include exterior shots taken in a real woodland setting.


Goldilocks Goldilocks & Baby Bear


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