Geppetto & Pinocchio

Our association with the Walt Disney Company goes back several years and encompasses work from Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs, Cinderella, Winnie-the-Pooh, and Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Among the most sought after are the items based on Disney's masterpiece of animation art, Pinocchio.

Following the success of the Snow White series, we turned our attention to Walt Disneyıs second full-length animated film - and arguably his best - "Pinocchio". Almost immediately it was clear that while the medium of felt would be wonderful for Geppetto, in the interests of fidelity, it would be essential that Pinocchio be made out of wood.

This challenge was met with a historic collaboration between R. John Wright and the renowned ANRI Company in Italy - which has been in the same family for four generations specializing in beautifully carved wood creche sets, religious statues, and decorative figurines. After extensive research at the Disney Archives, the RJW model of Pinocchio was finalized in wax and the parts were sent to ANRI for replication in wood.

Measuring approximately 9" tall, the RJW Pinocchio is made of Alpine maple. He is fully jointed at the neck, shoulders, elbows, hips, and knees for expressive posing. With carefully hand painted facial features and a hand-knotted mohair wig, he wears his trademark costume tailored of the finest all-wool felt. Every shade and detail has been extensively researched at the Disney Archives to make this the most authentic Pinocchio ever made. In only this version as a puppet, Pinocchio's eyes are painted looking straight ahead and his strings are attached to the marionette controls.

The accompanying Geppetto doll - in addition to being fully jointed at the neck, shoulders, and hips - features innovative ball and socket jointed knees to enable him to sit and stand realistically. Made entirely of all-wool felt, Geppetto has a molded felt character face with hand painted features, sculptural hands with individually sewn fingers, and feet with molded toes! His custom-made wig is meticulously hand-knotted of the finest imported mohair.

Our Gentle Old Woodcarver is costumed in his trademark outfit made of the finest all-wool felt dyed to match exactly the colors in the film. Geppetto wears cotton knit stockings and hand-cobbled leather shoes with custom-made brass buckles. In this version only, Geppetto also wears his work apron. As a final touch, Geppetto features handcrafted spectacles made of bronze with tinted acryllic lenses. In his hands, Geppetto holds the wood puppet controls. No detail has been spared to bring this classic Disney character vividly to life.

When it was released in 1995, Geppetto & Pinocchio - Series I Marionette was enthusiastically received by R. John Wright fans as well as collectors of Disneyana. The set was produced in an edition limited to 500 pieces. Geppetto & the Pinocchio marionette came together in a deluxe hand-cut presentation box with the signed and numbered certificate of authenticity, and the forms for owner registration.

DIRECT PURCHASE: The Geppetto & Pinocchio - Marionette set offered here is the low number 008 in the edition and comes directly from the R. John Wright archives in pristine as-new condition. The purchase price of $5,100.00 includes shipping & insurance in the domestic United States. [For overseas shipping rates, please contact the RJW office.] SPECIAL NOTE: This is the last remaining set in the RJW Archives.

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