Following the introduction of the Little Children dolls in 1981, it became obvious that collectors clearly prefered more of the charming child dolls. Among the variations on the Little Children design were several exclusive editions made for specific retailers. The ENCHANTED DOLL HOUSE in nearby Manchester, Vermont was an early supporter of the Wright's work. Several exclusives were made for this retailer including "Edward and his Rum-a-tum Drum" which was designed as a companion to the previously released "Emily" doll.

LIke the original Little Children dolls, Edward stands approximately 17" tall, and is fully jointed at the neck, shoulders, and hips. He is constructed of fine wool felt with a molded face, hand painted features, a wig of the finest imported strawberry blonde mohair, and felt hands with sewn fingers.

Edward is costumed in an Edwardian outfit made of fine rasberry colored cotton velveteen. This darling 2-piece suit buttons at the waist with mother-of-pearl buttons and features organdy ruffles at the collar and cuffs and a matching velveteen tam. Edward's cotton stockings and hand-cobbled leather strap shoes complete his delightful period costume. Around his neck is a beautifully handcrafted wooden drum with a leather strap. The drum body is covered with vintage striped raw silk and Edward holds his handcarved drumsticks in each hand. Made in a very small edition of just 150 pieces, this doll is #135 in the edition.

Edward has the tiny foil "Periwinkle" medallion sewed to his clothing. The Periwinkle tag was only used for a very short time in the 1980's before the brass RJW button was introduced. Edward comes packaged in his original light blue presentation box which was exclusive to this doll.

DIRECT PURCHASE: The Edward offered here is circa 1985 and comes directly from R. John Wright Archives in pristine as-new condition. The purchase price of $2,250.00 includes shipping & insurance in the domestic United States. [For overseas shipping rates, please contact the RJW office.]


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