Most RJW collectors are aware that our association with the Walt Disney Company goes back several years and encompasses work from classic films including: Cinderella, Pinocchio, and the early Mickey and Minnie Mouse cartoon shorts. But it all began with our ambitious and exciting Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs series which was introduced to the trade at the New York International Toy Fair in 1988.

In deciding to take on one of John's favorite films from childhood, for the first time, the Wrights sought out an artistic and technical collaborator: Martha Armstrong-Hand. Martha was a renowned porcelain doll artist who had previously designed many commercial dolls for the Mattel Toy Company. She was instrumental in helping with the sculpting of the heads and facillitating the metal molds needed for their production. In a satisfying twist of history, she also happened to be married to David Hand - the orginal supervising director of Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs! With Snow White, two different Dopeys, and the other Dwarfs, the project required a total of nine completely different heads - one of which was the charming "Bashful."

Although he probably couldn't look in a mirror without blushing, Bashful gamely joined the fun with Snow White and the other Dwarfs. Her goodbye kiss sent him into paroxysms of nervous giggles, but he clearly loved it! A good-natured fellow, Bashful likes everyone - he's just too shy to say so!

Bashful is constructed of the finest all-wool felt with molded and hand painted features and a mohair beard. Like the other Dwarfs, he measures approximately 9" tall and is fully jointed at the neck, shoulders, and hips. His hands are sewn with separate fingers - a first for R. John Wright.

Bashful is costumed in a felt jacket with custom cast white brass buttons and belt buckle. His shoes and hat are also made of custom-dyed all-wool felt. Every detail has been meticulously researched for the utmost in authenticity. Like other RJW dolls of classic Disney characters, Bashful is destined to become the definitive version.

Bashful was produced beginning in 1988 in an edition of 2500 pieces worldwide. The lowest numbers were offered as matched number sets and the higher numbers were sold individually. Each came enclosed in its own deluxe RJW presentation box and included a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity, a descriptive booklet, and the forms for owner registration.

DIRECT PURCHASE: The Bashful offered here is #2064 in the edition and comes directly from the R. John Wright Archives in pristine as-new condition. The purchase price of $750.00 includes shipping & insurance in the domestic United States. [For overseas shipping rates, contact the RJW office.] NOTE: This is the last remaining Bashful available.

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