We are pleased to present photos from this year's exciting and memorable Convention. The following pictures were taken from June 20th to the 23rd at our facility in Vermont and at the Desmond Hotel & Conference Center in Albany, New York. Enjoy!

(Photo above) The Desmond Hotel front entrance

(Photo above) The convention salesroom at the Desmond Hotel

(Photo above) The festival tent on the RJW Meadow in Bennington

(Photo above) The Café Bears welcome attendees to "Bear Country"

(Photo above) A "Bear Country" table set with gift bags

(Photo above) Fragrant greenery and soft breezes

(Photo above) Jaimie, Benjamin, and Susan Wright

(Photo above) Elder son Arthur gives the invocation

(Photo above) Attendees await the drawing for door prizes

(Photo above) Graeme Miles assisted by two lovely ladies

(Photo above) "Benjamin" bear is viewed by his new owner

(Photo above) The real Benjamin holds his new bear!

(Photo above) A table at the "Tulips & Windmills" breakfast

(Photo above) The RJW centerpieces are felt tulips in authentic Delft pots

(Photo above) The Special Exhibit: "Dolls Around the World"

(Photo above) Most of the dolls in the display were loaned by Loretta Nardone

(Photo above) A Steiff boy from John & Susan Wright's collection

(Photo above) Lenci pair from John & Susan Wright's collection

(Photo above) "The Canals of Venice" dinner in the Fountain Area

(Photo above) Wine, flowers, and tasty Italian cuisine

(Photo above) Guests Angela Brunjes and Caroline Nicholson

(Photo above) Dining along the canals

(Photo above) Michael & Roberta Barnard pose in front of the Venice backdrop

(Photo above) Younger daughter, Emily Wright in Venice!

(Photo above) Attendee Angela Brunjes

(Photo above) Susan and Emily join Roberta Barnard

(Photo above) Award-winning dolls at the Dynamic Dialogues

(Photo above) Every table had a designated topic

(Photo above) Each presenter brought dolls for discussion

(Photo above) Reference books & photos provided more information

(Photo above) "High Tea in England" was held in the King Street Courtyard

(Photo above) Guests enjoy the classic piano accompaniment

(Photo above) Delicate sandwiches and delicious pastries

(Photo above) Many attendees wore hats for the occasion

(Photo above) John & Susan's lovely daughters

(Photo above) A group of guests enjoy a spot of tea together

(Photo above) At John & Susan's table

(Photo above) Guest Ann Leis with the Wright daughters

(Photo above) Pamela Simpers and her prize-winning "Best Hat" complete w/working clock!

(Photo above) Gail Wilson conducts one of her popular workshops

(Photo above) A display of Gail's remarkable dolls

(Photo above) A beautiful lit diorama featuring the World of Hitty

(Photo above) At the African Ndebele doll workshop

(Photo above) Attendees are instructed by Emily Wright

(Photo above) RJW associate, Mary Ann Toto, helps out

(Photo above) During Emily's Felt Pincushion workshop

(Photo above) Attendee Marsha Sherman finishing her Ethnic Felt Pincushion

(Photo above) Happy guests with their completed projects

(Photo above) Guests in costume "International Masquerade" Luncheon event

(Photo above) Contestants parade before the judges

(Photo above) There is something for everyone!

(Photo above) These marvelous mimes won the "Best Pair" award

(Photo above) A trio of RJW associates make their appearance

(Photo above) An African mother complete with babe

(Photo above) Mary Jane Cultrona in costume

(Photo above) Winner of the Best Costume award - Nancy Joyner!

(Photo above) John (Mandarin) and Susan (Spanish) in costume

(Photo above) The "Japanese Lanterns" ticketed dinner event

(Photo above) The sushi station - the bird is carved from a radish!

(Photo above) Guests partake of the sumptuous buffet

(Photo above) The tables featured candles and orchids

(Photo above) Guests include Loretta Nardone(L) and Jean Kestel(R)

(Photo above) Presenting "Meiko" - the event souvenir doll

(Photo above) Roberta Barnard matches her souvenir perfectly!

(Photo above) Lovely ladies prepare for the final banquet!

(Photo above) Outside the ballroom, the Rythms of Africa provided entertainment

(Photo above) John and Susan join the cocktail party

(Photo above) The Wright clan pose in the courtyard

(Photo above) Lillian Wright greets attendees

(Photo above) Amy Cannistraci(L) and Philip May(R) at the head table

(Photo above) Linda & Darrel Knibbs admire the souvenir doll

(Photo above) Ruth Fraser with "Bon Voyage" the souvenir doll

(Photo above) Convention Chair Lillian Wright with Michael Barnard

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