TORYLAND - THE 2ND R. JOHN WRIGHT DOLLS CONVENTION and separate TRIP TO BENNINGTON, Vermont, was held from June 2-5, 2010.

The special excursion - "Green Mountains" - on June 2nd included luxury coach transportation from the Desmond Hotel in Albany, New York to Bennington, Vermont - approximately one hour away. There, visitors were given a tour of the R. John Wright workshop, design studio, and showroom where rare pieces were available for purchase. A catered meal was held on the R. John Wright property in a huge tent overlooking Vermont's lovely green mountains. Titled "The Red Clover Luncheon", the event culminated in the presentation of a delightful R. John Wright souvenir doll - The Red Clover Fairy - in honor of Vermont's state flower!

Visits to other Bennington destinations included a production tour of the famous Bennington Potters; a trip to The Covered Bridge Museum - the only museum in the world devoted entirely to covered bridges; and a visit to the historic Park McCoulough House.

Limited to 200 attendees,The 2010 R. JOHN WRIGHT DOLLS CONVENTION - "Storyland" - took place from June 3-5 at the Desmond Hotel in Albany, New York. The theme encompassed the magic world of children's literature. Special programs included "Japanese Dolls and the Stories They Tell" presented by Alan Scott Pate, the leading authority on Japanese dolls, and "Kewpies - From Stories to Playthings" presented by Rose O'Neill expert, Shirley Karaba. There was a wine and cheese gala opening for the salesroom which featured the 'Best-of-the-Best' dealers of antique & collectible dolls and doll-related merchandise. For RJW animal collectors, there was a special mouse event and to fit the "Storyland" theme, ticketed Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland events! The main convention luncheon which was attended by all, featured a German-style meal and the unveiling of the brand new RJW "Max & Moritz" dolls!

Complimentary movie screenings were also offered with theatre seating and free snacks. All meal events featured special favors, centerpieces, and door prizes. There was a competitive exhibit with awards and an exciting salesroom featuring top collectible and antique doll dealers which was open to the public on Friday. The Convention's final banquet featured a delightful program by Co-chair Loretta Nardone "Every Picture Tells A Story" and the eagerly-awaited convention souvenir doll named "Margaret" was presented to each fully-registered guest. Margaret came holding a custom-printed hardbound miniature book featuring the art of Jessie Willcox Smith.



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